Frequently Asked Questions

In order to trade online you need a payment gateway and a merchant account. Call BNS Payments today on 0330 300 0303 and speak to our friendly team or send us an email

BNS Payments allows you to accept all major credit and debit cards.

A payment gateway connects your online shop to your merchant account and the banking infrastructure. When taking over-the-phone payments through the online portal, the payment gateway acts as a virtual terminal.

Merchant accounts are often confused with payment gateways. To take payments online you need both a payment gateway and a merchant account. A merchant account is where funds are held before being deposited into your bank account. The role of the payment gateway is simply to decline or approve a transaction.

Payment Service Providers (or PSPs) act as both a merchant account and the payment gateway, helping businesses to collect and manage their payments. Payments go to the PSP and are then transferred on to you.

There are four simple steps in the payment gateway process:

  1. Collection
    Your customer chooses the product or service they want to purchase and then enters their card details onto your payment page. This information is then directed to your payment gateway.
  2. Authentication
    Your payment gateway then takes this information and sends it via a secure link to your bank account.
  3. Authorisation
    At this point you will know that the sale has been approved and you can deliver the ordered products or services.
  4. Settlement
    Finally, the transaction data is verified by your bank and the money from the sale is deposited into your account. When the actual payment will arrive in your account will depend on your payment gateway – it can be as little as 3 working days.

A white label payment gateway is a rebranded version of the BNS platform.

The reseller’s end merchant does not have any interaction with BNS as every touch aspect is fully branded for the reseller.

The BNS platform accepts transactions in all major currencies worldwide.

By providing your bank account number and bank routing number, you permit funds owing from your merchant account to be automatically deposited, by electronic funds transfer, into the bank account that you specify.

Yes we provide 3D secure with all our accounts.

We don’t enforce it, but do recommend it. You can choose whether to use it with all our accounts as well as the high-risk and adult accounts, however depending on business type or risk we may enforce it on these accounts.

A chargeback is a reversal of a sales transaction by the customer’s credit card issuer. Chargebacks most often occur when a cardholder disputes a transaction and you, the merchant, cannot provide adequate proof that the transaction made to a cardholder’s account is valid. A chargeback can also result from processing errors, authorisation issues, and/or any other transaction irregularities.

When a purchase is charged back to the merchant, a fee and any fees charged by the customer’s credit card issuer will be deducted from your account in addition to the value of the sale.

Avoiding them – First of all Chargebacks can happen regardless of what you are selling or how you run your business and are pretty much inevitable. Nobody has a 100% safe business when it comes to Chargebacks and it’s the legal right of every credit card holder to do one.

Yes you can with our MOTO accounts.

If you don’t have a web site we can activate your Merchant Account for your ‘traditional’ business, so you can start taking card payments directly from customers or by phone, mail-order etc

If at a later date you wanted to integrate your website then you can do this easily as everything is already set-up for you. Just give us a ring and we’ll do the rest.

Yes!, Please contact us for more details.

If you are selling online you must comply with certain website requirements. These are detailed in the merchant banks’ terms and conditions.

We understand that our merchants vary with respect to their needs and requirements. Whether or not you have a website or shopping cart, our processing options give you the flexibility to select from one or all of our interfaces.

FREE Integration documentation and technical support are both provided by telephone and email as well as using a unique merchant account back office provided once your account is live.

On top of this we offer a whole raft of free business support, because setting you up with the ability to process payments is just the beginning. We want you to succeed in business and are here to help with all your business needs and advice

Yes. As part of the merchant account set-up we provide all integration guides, free technical support and also test environments and test card numbers. As you can imagine this can be advantageous when developing your website, as it enables you to try out your payment pages with credit and debit cards without transferring real funds.

Everything is provided via email when the merchant account set-up reaches a specific point.

If you are applying for a virtual terminal only account (MOTO) then you do not need an ecommerce website. However we must have something to view to allow us to see exactly what it is you are wanting to take payments for and also how you advertise them on a website.

If you are going to be integrating your website then we will need to see the site on application. As above, this will help us determine whether or not we can help you or not. This does not have to be 100% complete however it must be real and not fake. In both instances a BETA or test site will suffice.

We can help you find the right acquirer, please contact us for more information.

Yes, please contact us for more information.

This largely depends on the bank you use and the card that was processed through your Merchant account. Typically it takes three to five days however American Express transactions can take longer. In the unlikely event of any problem, missed transactions get batched in the following days so you will always get your funds deposited to your account.