Mail Order / Telephone Order Payments

A MOTO (Mail Order Telephone Order) payment is a debit or credit card payment that is taken via telephone or through the mail including the conventional postal service, fax, and email. The business collects the necessary card information and processes the payment using a secure web page which is also called a virtual terminal or payment gateway.

The virtual terminal connects to the merchant’s payment processor to authorise the payment which it does by connecting to the bank that issued the card (called the issuing bank) to the customer. The bank carries out security checks on the card and establishes whether there are adequate funds or available credit in the customer’s account. If the card is valid and funds are available, a message is returned that the payment has been authorised, otherwise a payment declined message is transmitted.

The system then provides the merchant with an authorisation number which enables them to print a receipt.

No need for a physical terminal

BNS Payments virtual terminal enables you to take over-the-phone payments without having a physical terminal. Payments are managed in real-time on our Transaction Reporting System (TRS).

Merchant Account

Do you need a merchant account to take payments over the phone? Get a free quote today!

The Simple Way to Take Payments

Taking telephone payments has never been easier – simply log in to our Transaction Reporting System (TRS), enter your customer’s card details and let BNS Payments securely process the transaction.

Grow Your Business

Increase your sales in international markets by allowing your customers to shop and pay securely online in their local currency.

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